AAA Artist Sign Up! Please Read The Terms And Conditions Before You Accept!

These Terms and Conditions replace any previously issued by Artist Agency Asia LTD
*By artists we mean anyone submitting to our agency.
*By AAA we mean Artist Agency Asia LTD.
These are the terms and conditions that all people submitting to AAA must lawfully accept and abide by. These terms and conditions apply to all artists and their associates immediately on submission. AAA will act as an employment agency on the behalf of all artists who have submitted themselves to Artist Agency Asia LTD.
AAA operates and abides by United Kingdom laws and as an employment agency is restricted by the 1973 Employment Agency Act. AAA does NOT charge artists fees for joining the agency.
1.a) Once an assignment has been put forward by AAA to the artist on behalf of our client, the artist agrees to put a price for the services set out in the assignment. The artist should be happy with the said price. 30% of the price named by the artist will take by AAA for AAA services.  The artist must take into account this 30% AAA fee.
1.b) Any assignment that has been accepted by an artist through AAA must be fulfilled only through AAA. Any extensions and deviations connecting to the original assignment must be fulfilled through AAA only. The artist will bear responsibility to pay any losses incurred by not fulfilling the original assignment, any extensions and deviations through AAA. The payment must be made to AAA. AAA does not guarantee any such work.
1.b) The artist agrees that not at any time in the future in any way whatsoever make contact with any clients introduced to them through AAA without written consent  of AAA.
1.c) Once an artist has been booked, it is the artists responsibility to contact AAA with any changes in respect to the booking. Artists may incur a cost for changes made after a booking.
1.d) The artist agrees that if a clients should attempt contact with the artist directly, the artist will direct the client to AAA for any future bookings.
1.e) Any assignments agreed upon may be cancelled by the client. AAA bears no responsibility for loss or costs incurred.
2.a) Once an agreement of artist fees has taken place, AAA will offer a contractual assignment to the artist by email or telephone. By accepting the assignment the artist is liable to fulfill the contract. AAA will supply artists details of assignment to the best accuracy and detail as possible, such as time, date, location ect. AAA does not take responsibility for changes which may occur from the client. Each contract applies to one offer only and cannot be applied to other offers of the past or present or future assignments.
2.b) AAA is within rights to negotiate disputes from either party (artist or client). Any such disputes shall be judged by AAA and AAA decision is final. AAA judgment shall be in the best interest of all involved parties.  
3a) The artist must give 10 days notice to AAA if the artist wished to withdraw from and assignment which has been booked by the client. Failure to do so will incur a cost to the artist of any losses associated with the withdrawal.
3b) It is the artists responsibility to be available for the whole duration of the assignment, with the agreed equipment and costume.
3c) Failure to comply with 3b will incur a cost to the artist of any losses resulting from this failure.
4a) Artists will be notified before the assignment of any contractual changes.
4b) The artists gives AAA full permission to receive payment of on behalf of the artist.
4c) AAA takes authority to be the issuer of invoices to the client for any assignments booked and carried out.
4d) AAA is not obligated to pay artist fees prior to the assignment completion.
4e) AAA shall make payment to the artist within 14 working days of completed assignment. However, if for any unforeseen circumstances AAA is unable to make the payment within 14 working days, AAA reserves the right to pay at a later date, but as soon as AAA is able to.
4f)All artists are self employed and are fully responsible for the payment of taxes and contributions in the artist country of residence. AAA will not be held responsible for failure of artists to comply with the tax laws of the artist country of residence.
4g) AAA will not be held responsible for tax avoidance by the artist, and AAA will not reserve any monies due to the artist.
5a) The artist is to provide AAA with their rates upon hearing details of the assignment. AAA may propose a fee to the artist to consider for the proposed assignment.
5b) AAA will take 30% of the proposed rate given from the artist to AAA. The remaining 70% will be paid to the artist upon completion of the assignment.
5c) AAA reserved the right to negotiate fees with the client without consent from the artists.
5d) AAA agrees to pay 70% to the artist of the fee agreed with the artist for the proposed assignment.
6a) The artist gives AAA the rights and permissions in their absence to enter into agreements with the client on their behalf.
6b) The artist gives AAA the rights and permissions in their absence to enter into contract with the client on their behalf.
7a) AAA will not accept responsibility or accept liability for any loss costs claims or proceedings incurred by an artist to either persons or property at any time while working, travelling to or from or in connection with any assignment whatsoever.
7b) AAA is not liable for any costs claims or proceedings or losses due to the cancelation of an assignment.
7c) The artist is fully responsible for abiding by laws of the assignment destination, in respect to border crossing and entry requirements, unless otherwise stated by AAA.
8a) The artists are responsible for:
Esuring the assignment is fulfilled to the clients order and complete satisfaction.

Being punctual and well presented for an assignment.

Possessing the correct stated wardrobe and equipment for the assignment.

Ensuring the contract is fulfilled by the artist, and accepting any costs resulting from nonconformity of the contract.

8b) The artist shall not bring AAA into disrepute at any time and will professionally represent AAA at all times.
8c) The artist must NOT be intoxicated at any time during the assignment.
8d) The artist is fully responsible for making themselves aware of local customs, and complying with requirements set out by the client. Including costume, timing, props ect.
9a) AAA reserves the right to use artist material in AAA promotions. If the artist wishes to opt out of this, they should write to AAA expressing this.
9b) AAA will only accept quality promotional material from the artist, and if the material is not up to AAA standard, AAA may request further material from the artist in order to continue being representing by Artist Agency Asia LTD.
9c) AAA retains the right to reproduction of artist media
10a) The artist reserves the right to contact AAA with any grievances they feel is applicable to the artist assignment. Artists should do so in writing. AAA may contact the client in regards to any grievances. It is ultimately down to the artist and client to resolve any disputes. AAA will just act as a medium of communication with an unbiased opinion.
10b) The client reserves the right to reduce payment based of fulfillment of the artists in respect of AAA being an employment agency.
10c) Should any legal proceedings be instigated in respect of an assignment, artists are to bear all costs.
11a) AAA reserves the right to terminate artists representation without notice.
11b) if artists wish to terminate representation will AAA, they should do so in writing giving 2 weeks notice. Any prior agreed assignments should still be carried out in full. Failure to do so will result in costs occurring to the artist.
12a) AAA will not share artist information for any other purposes other than promotions or bookings to the benefit of the artist. AAA will share information if required to do so by law.
Any artists registering with AAA is bound by the above terms at all times during AAA representation

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